Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Email, Phone & Video Lessons - Youtube?

How Video Lessons Work

Video and phone lessons or email lessons work the same. We book a time to talk about the topic so you and I are prepared.

In the case of a video lesson, you would send me a video clip of what you want a lesson on or via
, you send the fee via an email money transfer then and I review it before our scheduled time (lesson). A cell phone video is fine.

For email lessons, you can send me all the emails you want to describe what you want a lesson on and I can read them and digest them before our scheduled time (lesson).

For just a phone lesson, you can send me emails or information or just wait until we talk at our scheduled time (lesson).

Payment is as easy as sending me an email money transfer.

At the scheduled time, you call me and we have the lesson over the phone. Hay, I just thought of something.... you could actually be on your horse at that time using your cell phone and we could do a lesson that way! That would be cool.

We could also have the lesson by me responding to your email, or video lesson by emails. That way you would have a record of it.

So you can see I'm really flexible in this way. This saves on fuel and time travel. Of course they are not the same as hands-on but it's great for people who can't get to me as often as they like. This works great too in between face to face lessons.

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Putting my spin on flexible lesson formats.
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