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Intuition Reinforced From a Horse and Red Flags

 I like to do articles where I relate something from non-horse life and how we can apply it to our horse life. This time it's the other way around.

Intuition  (photo credit Pixabay)

How Horses Teach Us to Trust Our Intuition

  Those of us who've been around horses know that we develop our mastery of intuition in many ways thru the horses. According to HorseandRider magazine titled "Horses Use Their Intuition. Learn to Use Yours":

    Horses are clairsentient animals, meaning that they can perceive emotional energy through feeling. As intuitive beings, they feel the energy around them, perceiving when and how to react.

   Humans, like horses, have a strong intuition. When humans start to fall short on following intuition is when we run into limiting beliefs. Humans, unlike horses, also have limiting beliefs that block us from fully following our intuition.

The article is at this link if you want to read the full article. (Feb 10,2023 by Michaela Jaycox).

This leads me into my experience and why I thought of my skill with intuition.  The article also agrees that horses can be our teachers when it comes to intuition and that's what I'm talking about.

No Longer Trusting Some 'Authority' People in Society

The above title my sound like 'woo' but I've had some interesting experiences. I was taught to always trust people and believe that their telling the truth especially so called 'experts'. Well time moves on. We grow up and know that that is not always the case. So what's different?

I have found an increasing number of 'authority' figures not being honest. I was following a few people on youtube for advice about different subjects, one of them being nutrition, and after a year found out that they were BS'ing everyone.  I have a bad gut feeling about this person because the doctor was saying extreme protocol ideas that left me questioning what he said. Up with the 'red' flags. I didn't follow the advice and I'm glad I didn't. That doctor could be messing with people's lives.

I had another case, again on youtube, in the truther community where a lady influencer was starting to act arrogantly and bad mouthing people. Red flags flying again. I was shocked to be honest. Again, a short time later, I find out that she isn't telling the truth and is trying to spread disinformation. We really have to be careful out there.

Thanking my Horse

I was pondering on my discovery of a 'disinformation' agent and was pleased that I followed my gut instinct and waited until I could verify the source. I'm glad I did.  

I was also realizing that my horses over the years have helped me to develop this skill and I'm glad I did.

Putting my Spin on Intuition and How to Use It To Protect Ourselves.


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