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Horse Riding Is Like Peeling Back an Onion

According to the website SymbolismandMetaphor: "Onions are a symbol of positivity and healing". That's great. I like onions. I'll take that.

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I was taking my morning walk with my very old dog and the thought came to me about improving my artwork is like peeling back an onion. You know... that ole saying about learning new aspects of something only to find more things to learn at a deeper level.  It's a learning process. 

I had just learned a few new things in art and was reflecting on it. So of course! I always think about how it impacts my lifelong horse life. I decided to google horse riding and peeling an onion and was surprised to find a couple of results! One article referred to the onion peeling in terms of not rushing rehabilitation after surgery. 

  Jim Wofford in Feb/2023 issue of Practical Horseman (title: Lost in Translation) talks about riding horses is like peeling back an onion. Though the article is mainly about using your seat bones for riding, I'm liking his description of learning to ride:

  "Learning to ride is like peeling an onion by hand. You can peel only one thin layer at a time, it will take you a long time to get to the central part .. and there will be a lot of tears in between. But the sensation your get when you peel off one more layer and understand for the first time something new about horses and riding is what keeps horsemen coming back for more. And when you get to the essential core, that's just one horse ... now you must start peeling the layers on a new horse, hoping to get to the centre of him (the horse)_ as well. That means more tears, yes, but more enlightenment as well'.

I don't necessarily agree about the tears (it does happen sometimes I guess) I was wanting to focus on the learning process. Being around a horse and learning to do our best in the horse-human relationship involves a steady commitment and action to better ourselves.

Putting My Spin on Learning & Growing When Riding Horses.


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