Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Man! I'd Wish I'd Known That Decades Ago!

"Man! I'd Wish I'd Known That Decades Ago!" That's a saying I've said to myself a lot this past year.  You know... when you've made a small change in a procedure or your routine and it ends up making a HUGH difference. Tweaking at its finest.

 It surprises you! You think Wow!  Wish I'd Done That Decades Ago. That sort of thing.

OK. I have to interrupt this article for a news flash! Have you seen the Facebook short where someone pours Elmer's Glue All into their vehicle's dirty cup holder + baking soda + a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol to make a pasty ball? And then they use it to clean their console and the surrounding area with this ball? Wow! I've got to try it. Ya never know!

Back to Small Things That Make A BIG Difference

Dust Buster for Quick Pickups

 Often times I find the area of the living room where my chair is gets dirty from my socks. I found I had to vacuum often. So I now keep a cordless dust buster close by and use if often so I don't spread the dog hair and loose hay bits in other places.

Dog Dust Bunnies Everywhere

 What a different it makes with 2 or more dogs in the house. It seemed like I couldn't keep up with all the dog hair. My SIL called them dog dust bunnies.

  Walmart had an introductory sale on these stick vacuums for under $20. I thought that would solve my problem! I bought 6 of them and put them throughout my house.  I also bought extension cords for them so that they overlap on territory.  Best thing I ever did!

Vacuum, Vacuum Everywhere

These small but mighty ideas didn't just stay in the house.

Too Hard to Carry

   Have you noticed as you get older that the grain bags get heavier and heavier. Same thing with the saddle. :)

The Grain Wagon

  I saw this plastic kids wagon and thought it'd be handy for carrying things outside. It ended up doing grain duty. Very easy now to move these heavy grain bags around.

 These were just a few ideas on how a few small changes can make a big difference.  I hope this got you thinking about your own place.

Putting My Spin on Small Things that Make a Big Difference!
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