Tuesday, October 31, 2023

20 Years Strong

 This was a big year for me. I knew the date was October 19th, 2023. I spent a big part of the day hanging out with my 21 year old mare Jackie. That day was our 20th year anniversary.

 It was the last year Nelson Bilyea had his auction in Woodstock, On. I wasn't looking for a horse that day - just hanging out. Famous last words I know! LOL  But when I heard her sire Whizard Jac being announced over the PA, I was curious. And then when I heard her dam, whom I knew fairly well, I had to go and check her out. As you know, I ended up bringing her home.

 We've done many, many things over the 20 years, in and out of the show ring. I consider her one of my best friends. She's family to me.

Jackie & I  2007 ORHA LNP Derby Champion

 Some of the Ole Sayings Are True

   I remember a saying that goes something like "Cheap is what cheap does."  I don't think they were talking about toilet paper. LOL 

My Ole JD Tractor and Manure Cart

 Twenty years ago when I had moved to a new farm south of Woodstock, On I needed a riding lawn mower.  I had done my research and the John Deere model was the best for that year.  My Dad was shocked because he always drove truck for Massey Ferguson and would ridicule John Deere any chance he could get. "You're not going to go green are you?"

When I had brought the JD riding lawn mower home, WELL! my Dad had to come and try it out. Now 20 years later, my ole JD is still going strong and still doing many jobs. I honestly wouldn't know what I'd do without it.

  In the picture you can see that I bought a dump cart 20 years ago as well and it's still going strong.  It's tough to buy the higher cost initially but it sure doesn't owe my anything now. I'm glad I have both of them.

 New Shiny Trailer

 Twenty years ago in the spring, my old rusty steel trailer didn't do so well over the winter and not being a handy man myself, I knew I had to get another horse trailer.

 So again doing research, I had found a new-ish aluminum trailer and bought it. I figured, as most people know, that aluminum will last a long time.

22 Year Old Horse Trailer

  I'm sure you can see the pattern by now. Sure enough, this trailer is still going strong. It's looking a little used but it's still in great shape. I'm so glad that I decided to spend the extra for the aluminum.

SO the point here is that I had some big 20 year anniversaries to celebrate this year. In a time where WWIII is looming, I'm glad to be able to celebrate some mechanical friends.

And of course, the best for last.... my dear Jackie.  Though she looks old now with her slightly swayed back, she's still going strong and I consider myself so lucky to this day.

May you have many strong friends that you can feel proud of and hold close to your heart.

Putting My Spin on Strong Solid Friends


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