Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tips For Getting Back Into the Saddle - Part 3 In The Saddle

 This is the third part of a series on how to get motivated to get back into the saddle again.  Next month I will focus on more training tips. I also have a very interesting story to tell about bits.

Today I'm going to focus on actual riding tips.

My 2yr old filly is now for sale so I want to keep training her until she's sold. And I believe introducing her to as many new situations as possible will make her a better horse and more interesting to potential buyers. (If you are interested, please see contact me.)

Pre-Ride Check

 I learned to do this with horses that I was not familiar with. I would lounge the horse to see where the horse is at mentally and physically. As I became more familiar with them then not so much.

I also did a pre-ride check. I would flex the horse from the ground on both sides. Again, checking the horse over to make sure they were ok and mentally ok to ride. It's a pain when you're out in the back bush or have trailered over to someone's place, only to find out that you're missing equipment or your horse is lame. Argh.

In the first photo I am showing how I also make the horse stand still when I first get on by doing some flexing from side to side. This, I feel is necessary for unfamiliar horses or young horses. I never have to do this with my old, retired reining mare.  

I started this because I'm short. I kid you not. It's generally a bit of a hike to get on my horses even if I use a mounting block. For my safety, I didn't want the horse to walk off while I was getting on or just getting settled in. I really don't like it when they walk off.

 Riding In The Bush

My first love was trail riding. Add rounding up cattle to that and it's fantastic. While I don't have any cattle at the moment, I do have 30 acres of bush to ride in. Last year, with the help of my hired guy, we put 4.5 miles of ATV trails in the bush.

So that it where I'm riding my filly. In the 2nd photo, you can see that we are riding down the side of one of my hay fields to get to one of the entrances to the bush.

When I get bored riding in a riding pen, I usually head out to the bush or the roads. That is what I would suggest to make it interesting to get back into the saddle again.

Why not try a trail ride? Why not work some cattle?  Why not try a new sport?

Pony Up SusieQ

  I didn't start by riding my filly on the trails. I pony'ed her. In this last photo, you can see that I took her for a nice walk in the bush.

Again, another way to make things interesting. I hope you enjoy the rest the of the summer.

Putting My Spin On Rides In The Bush


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