Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Keeping Our Friends and Horses Close

These are definitely crazy times!  
Please be safe.

Keeping Our Friends and Horses Close and Keeping the Enemy Rioters Away

One of the nicest things I noticed during this BLEEP'N lockdown is the closer contact with friends and family. I know you're as concerned as I am about the welfare of our friends and family during this WW3-type pandemic. Just look what's going on in the USA.  I may not be able to get a haircut but I'm able to make sure family is ok. 

I also know of a friend of mine who's horses are boarded out and she was thrilled to finally be able to go and see her horses. That must've been a happy time!

Sadly, there are more suicides than there were COVID-19(84) deaths. How sad. It's times like this where we horse people hug our horses more often and know one of the best reasons to have a horse = stress support.

If you read paper here in Ontario, you will have noticed my good friend Eleanor's column: The Way of Horses. Eleanor and I have been friends for 20 years. We text each other every day. I'm honoured to have a good friend like Eleanor to talk to during this difficult time. I'm sure you're in touch with your friends as well.


  A little bit of humour is appreciated during this difficult time. 

 Doug Ford has decided that Ontarians need more practise of lockdown than other provinces. I leave that discussion to your social groups. I was texting a friend of mine Brenda and asking how she was holding up during the lockdown besides hanging out with her horse. She replied that she was staying home more and loving it! She also exclaimed: "Time for the Introverts!" I agree. I'm an introvert myself. And getting more so with age.

Smash And Loot = Insurrection and Sedition 

I had a neighbour of mine tell me a sick joke he got from one of his friends. It goes something like this: "At least the looters in the USA have their Christmas shopping done early." Is it funny? No!

Dan Bongino's youtube video titled: "Ep. 1265 My Apologies - the Dan Bongino Show" mentioned how his retired cop friends are getting bombarded with phone calls by small business owners in Manhatten NY because their businesses are being smashed and looted by paid rioters. I feel for these people.

I hope you and your family and horses are safe and that your American friends and family are safe also. My heart goes out to all those killed.

May you be safe.

Putting My Spin On Safety

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