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Work In Progress

  Some people may know that I have an art page on Facebook. (ReinersueArt) I've been doing art work for many years. I work in mostly acrylics, graphite and a medium called scratch boarding.  I've called myself a 'veteran paint-by-number' person as I used to do a lot of them when I was a kid - I still do. They're great for learning many things. I'm sure that you can guess what my favorite subject is to paint - horses!

An example of scratchboarding
One of the challenging things about learning something new is not being in our 'comfort zone'. It feels a bit awkward being a beginner and not feeling confident about what you're doing. Especially as we get older and have expertise in many things. I'm sure you know what I mean. Learning how to ride, learning a new sport. Advancing our skill level. Some people are so uncomfortable about it that they don't go there.

Of course, that's what it's like learning something new so we all have to go through it. He's a story I wanted to share about my new challenge.

Hopalong Cassidy

 This past winter was cold and snowy and my new place was mostly setup. I do have to paint the rooms this year. Another paint project.

A study of a horse's mouth.
Working in pastel pencil

  I was perusing youtube about a month ago and noticed an older English gentlemen showing how easy and fun it is to work in a relatively new art medium called pastel pencils. I had some oil pastels 30 years ago and I didn't like how they worked. I love to color so they looked like something I would like to try.

1st attempt at pastel pencils

 I have a few subjects I want to paint this year like 2 reining stallions that passed away last year and a new foal we're about to have here. 

I encourage people to try something new to challenge ourselves. I've even joined this English gentlemen's club to more easily learn about pastel pencils. The awkwardness is only temporary and I find that it really does give us new skills to help us. 

Have you wanted to try something new in the horse world. I hope you do!

Putting my spin on trying new things
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