Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tattoos On My Bucket List

Toilet On My Bucket List? No.

   I thought I'd throw this picture in of my plumber changing the toilet in my new house. Not that that was on my bucket list! It looks like a bucket ;) I have some happy then thoughtful then sad news in this article.  Tattoos, Toilet and Tim Hortons. It's all good! Please read on.

One of the long standing items on my bucket list is to see a moose close up. For years, I would go up north near North Bay to see some of my students (this was before I was retired so you know how long this has been on my bucket list), they would joke about me not seeing a moose.
  Sure enough! They would call me after I got home and mention how a moose would be sighted not far from where I was. It's still a long standing joke.

 Riding Thru Tim Horton's

   I started riding with my new coach Jonathan Newnham since the spring. I realized as I wrote this article that that was another item on my bucket list - to get back with a coach again.  I hope this inspires you to GO FOR IT on your bucket list. Life is too short (as we will see in this article down below).

 It was a hot, humid day this past summer and I knew that a new Tim Horton's was not far from Jonathan's training centre. A cold iced coffee would go great after a ride on a very hot day.

Jonathan had just finished videoing a sale video for the mare in the picture below and he grabbed my attention. Since one of the items on my bucket list is to ride through the Tim Horton's Drive thru, it was Jonathan's great suggestion to film me going through Tim's and I DID!

 I trail rode through the back of Jonathan's training centre, down an old railway track line, through several blocks of streets and through the Tim Horton's Drive Thru. I was thrilled.  I will definitely do it again. It's like a tattoo - once you get one, you have to get another and then another.

The Tattoo Craze
 I always wanted to get a tattoo of a sliding horse on my shoulder. Just a tiny one but I was too scared. Another item on my bucket list. I may do that one day.
I did get 4 tiny tattoos but I'm too shy to put a picture of it in this article. They are quite ok to display in public (I assure you). The next time you see me, it would be an honour to show you if you ask. You just have to look at me directly in the face as they are on my face.

In Honour of Wimpys Tinseltown

   Speaking of honour, I know I'm jumping all over but I wanted to take some space here to mention the passing of a legend: Wimpys Tinseltown (owned by John and Sharon Fletcher). There is a memorable article about him in the Sep/2018 issue of the Rider magazine.



 The Spooks Gotta Gun mare that I'm riding through the Tim Horton's is in foal to Wimpy's Tinseltown.
 I don't know if it was on John and Sharon's bucket list to own such a great horse (because I haven't asked them) but here's a quote from their facebook page of August 15th, 2018:
"Today we lost a dear member of the Fletcher family. Wimpys Tinseltown succumbed to his illness today. Wimpy was so much more than a horse, he was family. He touched so many lives with his presence and huge personality."  He was 14.
 So as I mentioned - life is too short not to tackle all of the items on your bucket list. THE #1 thing that old people in nursing homes say they regret is NOT to have done the ITEMS ON THEIR BUCKET LIST!  GO FOR IT!!
May you successfully do all the items on your bucket list!
Putting my spin on our Bucket Lists.
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