Thursday, July 26, 2018

Triple Threat Reining Clinic

Weekend July 21-22, 2018 Fletcher's Horse World

What an enjoyable weekend to spectate a fund raising clinic at Fletcher's Horseworld. Each of the 25 riders were given a cap as a souvenir. What a great name for a clinic.

I can't express to you how much the riders and us spectators enjoyed the whole clinic. The whole weekend was so enjoyable and raised over $6,000 for the ORHA banquet.

Candy Circles

  Candy Merten was so thrilled after her turn at the circle maneuver clinic that I had to take this photo.

Show Prep with Loris Epis

I did sit in this show prep talk with Loris Epis on the Sunday.

 Here Loris is describing and illustrating his warm up routine at a show. He was very forthcoming in his information on what he does to get a horse ready to show the day of the show.

Loris worked with riders on their spins while Jason Richards worked on the stops. Jonathan worked on circles.

Lead Departures with Jonathan Newnham

I captured this shot of Jonathan showing a rider how the horse's feet and hips are to move (hip in) when you go to take a lead departure.

As you may know, we have to nail our lead departures or the penalty points are too great.

In a later article, I will talk about the 'working a box' exercise that Jonathan was teaching each rider to improve the steering in circles.

Shoeing Demo

 What to do, what to do on the Saturday night when everyone has been fed a great lasagna and corn on the cob dinner and 73 pieces of cheese cake for dessert.

  Larry McDougall, ORHA Hall of Famer, shared his knowledge on shoeing reining horses. Tara Emerick won the draw for the hoof angle measuring device. Thanks Larry.

World Class Clinicians

 Loris Epis
  NRHA Open Futurity, NRHA Open Derby Reserve Champion

Jon Newnham
  3 time NRHA Reserve World Champion

Jason Richards
 Congress Champion, NRBC Finalist

Thanks to these great guys for giving their time to a great cause.

Group photo
 The clinic was full and they plan on doing this again. I hope to ride in it next time.
Please contact Bernice Fletcher if you want to ride in the next one. "Hay Bernice! I'd like to ride in it next time." says me.

  Thanks to John and Sharon Fletcher for providing the venue. Special thanks to Bernice and Dan Fletcher for all their hard work for this clinic as well as the ORHA Banquet. Thanks to everyone else (you know who you are) who helped out to make this a great success!

Putting my Spin on fundraisers
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