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Coming to a Barn Near You?

Article in Dec. 22/2016 Hanover Post pg.45
Canna chocolates,  canna butter anyone? An article on cannabis growers in my area. Wow! I'm impressed.  Barb and Roy Mahy conduct cannabis cooking classes all over Ontario and have a Facebook page. It was fascinating reading.
I knew that cannabis - hemp with no THC (the high-producing chemical in pot) has CBD (cannabidiol- the healing chemical). So it's a poor choice if you want to get high. But it's great if you want to use it's healing benefits.
According to this article: "And they never call it marijuana, for the negative connotations that it carries. They use plants low in THC but rich in CBD, whose recognized therapeutic properties include painkilling and anti-inflammation."
It's also used "on Parkinson's sufferers, insomniacs, as an alternative to traditional prostate cancer treatments,  even lame horses and dogs benefit, Rob Mahy said." 
When I googled 'cannabis for horses', I was surprised to get a lot of hits. Just perusing the websites told me that cannabis was used by the Greeks for wound care and colic. There is no liver damage as there is with bute. Rawleigh's used to make a horse liniment with cannabis in 1926.
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According to animal studies, a 2013 review of cannatoids (the healing chemicals in cannabis) was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. They concluded: 1) non-psychoactive,  2) wide range of medical benefits, and 3) counter acts the affects of THC.
Sadly, its still a Schedule II drug in Canada like ayahuasca. According to a (apr.20,2016): ""We will introduce legislation in spring 2017 that ensures we keep marijuana out of the hands of children and profits out of the hands of criminals," Jane Philpott said in her prepared speech to delegates." We'll see what happens now that it's spring.
The American Veterinary Medical Association has been studying the benefits of cannabis since 2013.
I hope the Canadian government recognizes the difference between Pot-THC and Cannabis-CBD so that humans and horses can benefit from it's healing properties  Maybe it's time that Canada and the horse industry not be so conservative when it comes to our healing and horses!
Putting my spin on healing horses and humans!
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