Monday, February 3, 2014

Year of The Horse

courtesy Canada post

I was in the post office the other day and noticed a sheet of Year of The Horse stamps. Is was a cool pattern. The way the back foot of one horse can almost touch the front foot of the next horse.
 To me, the horse could represent each of the 3 sections of a Canadian maple leaf when you arranged them with the horses all looking towards the centre. Nice.

courtesy Wikipedia
According to the Guardian newspaper: "People born in the year of the horse are said to be a bit like horses: animated, active and energetic – they love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence – foals can walk minutes after birth – and they have a straightforward and positive attitude towards life. They are known for their communication skills and are exceedingly witty."
This year of the horse is the wood year or Wood Horse Year. It signifies battles. So I'd like to say that this year, we'll try to pick our battles especially with our horse. I'm a 'make peace not war' kinda gal. I have a razor sharp tongue and a quick mind that I prefer to outwit my opponents with subtlety.
Here's an article on Martha Beck's website titled: "The Body Whisperer". In it, she mentions about horse's way of communication, "they (horses) communicated with one another in a language of postures and movements."
The article goes on to talk about using the language of the horse that most of us horse people know and use every day with relating to ourselves. Our own body and how to communicate with it like we do our horses.
I think it's fitting since we are talking at the beginning of the year where we tend to set goals for the year, whether they be with regards to ourselves or with our horses.
I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of all this talk in the news about wars, another 911 threat to the USA and the talk of nuclear strikes in Iran. I'd rather observe my horse for the way they communicate with gentleness and focus this year on communication.

One good way I know to do this, is practising when I am handling them every day. I observe their reactions. This way I can improve. I also spend a fair bit of time just observing horses. I call it Horse TV.
I hope this year brings you much improvement with your horsemanship via communication.
Putting my spin on the way a horse communicates.
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