Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As many people know, I've had to deal with a lot of obstacles this year.  Thankfully, the rebuild for my arena is almost complete. I'm just awaiting some over head doors. The solar install has started today as well.

But let's not talk about that!  I would rather talk about good obstacles. I'm getting lots of interest in the extreme cowboy obstacles (see list here: and ACTHA obstacles that I am creating here.

I was talking to a friend of mine and discussing what to do in the winter. She doesn't have an arena but rather a large alleyway in her barn. She's going to use her bales of shavings and setup obstacles to work on respect and handling for her horses over the winter. It's great for 'home schooling' too!! She's going to prep them so come spring time, I can concentrate on starting them under saddle.
  She doesn't ride in the winter - I confess that I don't ride outside in the winter much either unless it's a nice day or I have a customer's horse to ride. Cattle work would entice me.

Obstacles are a great way to give your horse something practical to do. And it's fun!!
  According to Equisearch, ACTHA or competitive trail riding is one of the fastest growing horse sports. See article here:

It also cites extreme cowboy racing, mountain extreme trail, western dressage, mounted shooting, and mustang makeover as the other new sports.

All of these new sports can be done in the arena during our Canadian winter. No obstacles to enjoying yourself!

Putting my spin on good obstacles!
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