Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Arena Fire

As many people know, I had a devastating fire Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012 that destroyed my arena and the solar panels.
View looking south towards my barn and house and what's left of my arena.

View looking east and what's left of my arena.

This is a picture of how my arena used to look.

I will rebuild.
Please stay tuned for more information. I hope to be up and running in 2 months.

I wish to thank several people:
- the neighbours who called the fire dept.  Thanks Rhonda!
- the neighbour who moved my tractor
- the neighbour who checked the barn for horses and took the first 3 photos
- the neighbour who left food by my door
- Brad Hopkins who called me and told me to go home
- my friend Brenda Stewart who came over, checked the horses and watered them
- my friend Lynda Mallinos, who looked after me that day&night and keeps doing that
- To Brenda, Lynda and Carrie Bertrand who have formed a relief fund. Thank you ladies!!! As I have no income until I can rebuild.
- To the Fire chief, Phil Schwartz
- To the Fire Marshall, Lonnie
- To the 20 fire fighters.
- To all my friends and neighbours who have offered support.


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