Saturday, January 28, 2012

New USEF Dressage Bitting Rules

Myler MB04, level 2, level FTP/LTR
BIG NEWS! USEF has changed the bitting rules for dressage, national level for training to 4th level!

Snaffles that offer tongue relief can deviate up 30mm above the surface of the tongue.

 Do you know what that means?

Any mouthpiece with a low to medium port. My bitting levels FTP/STR and LTP/GTR.  Bit manufacturers such as Myler level 2 (level FTP) and now also the Myler level 2-3 mouthpieces would be legal! This would include the Myler Mb04, MB06, and MB36! See photo. Other bit manufacturers like Robart Pinchless, and Metalab carry these mouthpieces as well. Any many others.

Judy Auble, Sales Manager of Toklat: "Thank you to the USEF for taking time to consider the welfare of the horse and review current research on the need for tongue relief."

Effective Feb 1. Showing internationally will still follow FEI rules.

Bitting level LTP/GTR. Lttle tongue pressure, Good amount of tongue relief.

Level FTP/STR. Far bit of tongue pressure. Some tongue relief.

This is indeed great news! I know that Dale Myler will be very happy.  It is one of his life missions to see dressage horses be ridden in more humane bits (ie. lots of tongue relief or no tongue pressure).

Putting my spin on the Myler bitting system philosophy!
Upward and Onward!
Reinersue,  Myer Bitting System philosophy technical bit clinician
@KISS Reiners

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