Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bitting Level FTP/STR - Far Bit of Tongue Pressure, Some Tongue Relief

STR - Some Tongue Relief

This is the type of bit level that I use to start all horses under saddle. Also for retraining in a lot of cases.  I use a combination bit with the MB04 or MB06 to start all horses.

It is my long time familiarity with the Billy Allen bit (with the barrel in the middle) that made the bits in the Myler Bitting System@ (trademark of Myler) and it's assortment of mouthpieces with the centre bushing or barrel, very intriguing to me.
Just like the design of the Billy Allen, each shank moves independently which is great for lateral work.

I really like the Billy Allen bit with a small shank as a good transition bit/ mouthpiece to the curb bit.
I've had one a long time. I recommend it as a staple for everyone. Here's an article.

Putting my spin on bitting levels!
Reinersue,  Proud member of's Myler (bit) Ride Team!
Now Myler Bitting System technical bit certified!
@Copyright KISS Reiners

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