Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 20 Training Tips by Don Blazer

I just received this email and wanted to pass it along since I've earned my CPHT, Certified Professional Horse Trainer designation through them and Breyer State University. I highly recommend them.
The email reads:
World champion trainer Don Blazer reveals his top 20 training tips in a new free report from .  You may have seen him and his wife Eleanor in TheRider magazine with their featured columns.
“Over the years I’ve interviewed some great horse trainers, and they generously offered insights, techniques and secrets for training success,” Blazer said. “While I’ve used the tips and tricks told to me, I’ve also developed some helpful hints of my own that I hope will help others and benefit their horses.”

You can get a copy of The Top 20 Training Tips report by going to and clicking on “Free Reports” in the left hand menu.

The “Top 20”, Blazer said, were selected from hundreds of tips he’d been given over the years while training both show and race horses. “I’ve tried to choose the insights and information that has the greatest overall impact on the training process,” Blazer said. “I know in my own daily training sessions, I consistently use these 20 ideas.”

Blazer teaches the online course Training Performance Horses for, the world’s leading provider of online equine study curriculum for colleges and universities. Eleanor teaches the Nutrition course.

If you want more information about the courses, please contact them. I can also be of great help too as I've taken many of their courses.

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