Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavy Duty Leather Surcingle for Western, English or Driving

Performers 1st Choice Pro Heavy Leather Surcingle - Horse

An absolute complete surcingle for all disciplines - english, western and driving.

Made of quality heavy leather with rings and dees correctly positioned for attaching training aids 360 degrees around the horse (withers to belly). All kinds of rein attachment, for bitting up, driving lines, for bending, etc.
Adjustable girth for equal pressure.
Excellent solid brass hardware.

Used 2 times. Practically new!   Price $90
Please contact me if you are interested.
Thanks for your time.
Susan Dahl
Foundation Reining Training Centre
Durham, On


  1. Hi there, i was told to come to this website for info on a bit. The horse we bought a couple months ago we cant bit. apparently when she was being trained they hurt her mouth and now she has anxiety attacks when u try and bit her and i was told maybe to work with her with a small rubber bit? She is now 11.

  2. I would make sure there is not permanent problems with her mouth that may prevent her from being bitted. Scars on tongue? Wolf teeth?
    A rubber bit is large and can be bulkly in a horse's mouth. I personally don't like them.
    If it's anxiety then I would find ways to make the bit pleasant. Apple sauce on the bit before you bit her up. I would patiently work through it.
    Let her wear it for a while and associate pleasant times.
    I would definitely stay away from a single jointed or 3-piece mouthpiece and use one with a big port so she has room for her tongue especially if the tongue was damaged.
    Good luck.