Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bit Resistance or Evasion

What is Bit Resistance or Evasion?

Does your horse?
-> Root or lean on the bit
-> Run through the bit, not stopping, tug-of-war
-> Mouth wide open (Overactive mouth)
-> Tongue over the bit (Overactive mouth)
-> Sticking Tongue out (Overactive mouth)
-> Going over the bit or Inversion
-> Behind the bit or tucking back behind the vertical

Your horse is trying to tell you that they need more tongue relief - not a harsher bit.
Rather a milder one to be exact.
“Tongue relief is the key to achieving a relaxed horse.” ~The Myler brothers

Let's not forget that we've eliminated dental problems and training issues - though I believe a lot is due to training issues. A lack of training in the fundamentals - but I digress.

So why does your horse want more tongue relief?

Stay tuned for more...

Putting my spins on bitting.
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