Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fish Bait

I was eating my fish&chips the other night and thought about training and challenges. I'm always learning (I'm the permanent student) and I find riders like to be challenged as well. Always finding ways to work with their horse and really get a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.
It extends the relationship with your horse. The relationship is always progressing or you start to think that it's time to get another horse.

"Look Ma... no hands!"

I remember telling riders recently about how to advance their riding skills. How it's possible and rewarding learning skills by starting with two hands, solidifying with one hand and then mastering with no hands.
Many people know of Stacey Westfall's great work on freestyle reining without a bridle or saddle. That type of idea.

I also like to challenge horses as well.
After I've taught the horse their skills -ie. their job .... I look for other ways to extend their training. I like to give them new things to learn.

Most of our horses are bred to do their specific job or event, so it can be challenging sometimes to come up with new things to do.

Besides working cows or using cows as a way to keep their mind fresh, I also like to do what I call 'baiting' a horse. I like to setup a horse in such a way that I am mistakenly giving the wrong cues so the horse 'screws up' and I have something to fix.

Sounds a little nasty you may say.... Nah! You'd be surprised on how the horses will catch on and think it's a game. Better that than the horse inventing it's own game to play. Sometimes humans don't always benefit! Besides... the horse becomes very well trained in the process - great for beginners!

Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

Putting my spin on training.
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