Friday, January 29, 2010

My Column in The Rider now Online

I was just informed by Barry Finn, the editor of The Rider that the magazine can now be read online.

So you are able to read my monthly column now on line.

My column is usually found on page 21-24.
Again, I want to thank Barry Finn for the wonderful opportunity to write in such a great magazine.
February 2010 will mark my 1st anniversary of the monthly column.

Putting my own spin on things in writing.
©Copyright KISS Reiners


  1. A very informative article. A suggestion for your future articles would be to proof your spelling and grammar prior to submitting your article.

    It is quite hard to see past these errors and is a tad embarrassing to other coaches and riders. Proofing your article will greatly increase the strong points you are trying to bring awareness to.
    All the best for your future articles.

  2. Thank you for the constructive criticism.
    I will pass it along to the various parties involved.