Monday, December 21, 2009

Tune Ups By The Hour - Option 5

This article will be short as the topic is short - in time - that is.

I have discussed 4 other options to be proactive with regards to tuning up your horse. Or what we mean by the horse needing some brief training as a result of a persistant lack of responding well. It could also be to re-establish respect from the horse.
As you can see from the Tune Up Spectrum above, there are a few options to choose from depending on your budget and your interests.
If you are into training the horse yourself, the options can range from learning to train the horse yourself while you are in a lesson, or with the aid of a trainer to DIY.
If you're not into training or fixing a horse's problems yourself, or are not at the stage yet, you can send the horse to a trainer.
What if the horse doesn't need a full month's training to fix the problem? What if they only need a quick tune up. Or a reminder?
Perhaps your budget won't allow for a full month's training or longer?
Maybe you just don't want the horse to go any where. You prefer the horse to stay on the farm.
I would recommend Horse Training/Lessons By the Hour or Session.
I started this service last winter.
Basically it's like monthly horse training but it's done one session at a time. One ride at a time.
It's great for a quick tune up when you need your horse to be riding well just before a show or just before a long trail ride or a cattle drive.
It's a quick refresher. Great for when the horse is for sale and needs to brush up on their skills.
So....I hope you've enjoyed this series of articles on tune ups. Tune ups work great in the winter too. They're short, they're fun and you get a great sense of accomplishment.
Questions and comments are always welcome.
Putting my spin on tune ups or teaching a horse respect.
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