Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Team Penning Benefits from Foundation & Reining Training

Dave Fraser, a very successful team penner from southern Alberta in his Nov/09 Trainer Tips newsletter comments on how reining horses are being used in the sport of team penning. When asked about team penning prospects (in a horse) he says:"Today there are quite a few horses that become penning horses that come out of cowhorse, reining or cutting programs. These horses have been broke and trained specifically for these events, giving them a good foundation for when we start penning on them. This sometimes makes it easier for us as they will usually go where you want and respond to what is being asked of them."

I like how he goes on to mention about reinforcing the basics for horse and rider.
He says: "Taking time out to improve your horsemanship will reinforce a lot of basics to you and your horse. He will become better broke and more controllable, with you both being more confident when the pressure is on during competition. Spend time just riding your horse. Simple things like riding him up into your hands with your legs, moving off your legs, speed transitions, or just stopping and standing still, will reap rewards later during your runs. To be able to get him to speed up, slow down, stop, bend and flex, respond to leg pressure, and be soft in the bridle takes time, but is usually time well spent."

And, of course, I agree whole heartily. I firmly believe that reining training and foundation training will greatly improve a penning horse (or any horse for that matter!)

I attended a Dave Fraser clinic a couple of years ago here in Ontario at Jackie&John Gowing's farm. I learned a lot about team penning that day.

One thing is for sure as Dave Fraser explains "Having a well broke horse makes for a lot more enjoyment and a good relationship between a penner and his horse." And I would say that for all horses!

I've been learning how to team cattle pen on a friend's horse for a couple of years now. I wanted to learn how to read cattle as I want to get into the reined cow horse events. (I took this year off to setup my farm.) The photo above is the buckle I had Tom Howe make from the money I won in 2007 in the drawpot (beginner) class of the Western Ontario Team Cattle Penning Association. A great bunch of people. It was a blast!

My penning got better as the horse Pretzel got better trained using my body control foundation reining techniques. The horse and I got better at our communication. It really makes a difference whatever you do on a well trained horse!

Questions and comments are always welcome.
I plan to work cattle in my new indoor arena coming early in 2010!
If you want to learn more about penning or the foundation that can be used in penning, please contact me.
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