Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New & Improved

Hello everyone! Well I made it! I'm in my new place.

The horses were moved on Sat. My round pens and riding pen were moved Sunday. I still have a lot to setup still but at least it's all moved.

GOSH! It's a lot of work. I didn't know painting the whole house would be so much work.
A special thanks to all my dear friends and students who came and helped me to move.

I hope to be fully functional by June. I am doing lessons etc... but training can't start till June.

I won't have internet connection until the end of May so I'm writing this from the public library. What a great idea for the library to have computers available.

Upward & onward!


  1. You never know how much you got 'til you gotta move it.

  2. For sure. It's all the painting! And fixes I want to do before I setup. I don't want to have to move riding pens or round pens after I've set them up.
    And I will be too busy to do any small minor repairs so I'm getting them done now.

    I now have all my stuff, inside and out moved. I just have to unpack now.

    Currently putting new water line to the barn.