Friday, March 27, 2009

Trainer Snaffle Bit - Or is it? A Quiz

A Snaffle by any other name.....

Photo on left shows a bit called a Trainer's Snaffle bit. Or a Tom Thumb Trainer Snaffle. This is quite a popular bit in these parts.

Photo at top shows another Tom Thumb Trainer's snaffle with a simple jointed mouthpiece. They are sometimes also referred to as a shanked snaffle.

"A What?" You say... A shanked snaffle is a common confusing term.

Is it a snaffle? Or is it?

Which type is it? Really?

"Will the real snaffle bit please stand up!!!"

Here's your quiz..... Are those bits really snaffles like they claim to be?

Answer below.



Remember... a snaffle does not use leverage. So a snaffle does not have shanks as shanks are used for leverage.


Have you guessed it yet?




"And the answer is:"



They are curbs bits.

A snaffle does not have shanks or use the leverage priniciple.

These bits have shanks.

Don't be fooled by the name.

Just because the bit normally has a simple jointed mouthpiece (like on a common snaffle) it is not a snaffle. The mouthpiece has nothing to do with it.

Good.... I'm glad we got that out of the way! :)

Next article we'll talk about the materials used.

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