Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Training Goals - A Review

Healthier & Happier
I thought I would include these great tips for happiness that I read while I was waiting for my truck to be fixed yesterday.
January is a great time to review our goals for the year, including our training and horse goals, and decide 1 thing that we can do to make our life & our horse's happier and healthier.

10 Health Tips to Happiness (source: Chatelaine, Jan.09)
1. Nap (I love them! I get energized.)
2. Stretch 2x day (I love stretching every morning when I first wake up.)
3. Exercise lightly every day (ie. horse riding or horse activity! :)
4. Keep in touch with friends. (they are so important)
5. Lots of sex. (releases endorphins)
6. Yearly checkup (take control of your overall health)
7. Keep a journal. (or blog! :)
8. Go organic. (I keep getting more and more organic every year!)
9. Remove a bad habit or vice and replace it with a good habit. (hay... sounds like foundation horse training).
10. One step at a time. (Making 1 change at a time is quite doable.)

One Change at a Time
How about improve your horsemanship!
I'm here to help!

Thumbs up for learning!
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