Thursday, May 27, 2021

Tips to Get Back Into Riding/Training Again Part 1


Life gets busy.  Springtime is always busy for me with outside landscaping. I have a lot of branches to trim and fence rows to clear.  Anyone who has a farm or a property knows what I'm talking about.

And the weather was crazy this spring. I don't like riding in the cold.  

Whether you are just coming off of an injury or you were away on business for a time period, say a month, or like me - was too busy and you now what to get back INTO THE HABIT OF RIDING AGAIN. What are some ways that can help you get motivated?

So now I have to get serious about getting my 2yr. old filly trained.  I started her last fall where I sat on her a few times and walked 10feet a few times. It's really about the repetition.

How I Motivated Myself To Get Back Into Training Mode Easily

Basically, I found that if I spent a day or two prepping and setting up the riding environment so that it makes it more enjoyable and easy to want to get back into riding or training then the easier it is to get back into the saddle.

I do the same for my art. I like to do my fine art mostly in the wintertime when I can't get outside to do yard work so the weather makes it easy for me to stay inside.  Now it's spring and I want to be more outside. So I finally ordered myself a proper art table to work on and I'm excited to get the table setup and try it out! Love those rainy days.  It all helps to create the right environment. 

So that's it! To make whatever changes you need to do to make it exciting and enticing.

Here's a few suggestions.

1. I've made it easier to have all my tack near my riding pen so it's easy to do the tack up/down faster. My filly is already bored with being saddled (due to her training as a yearling) so it's no big deal for her. I don't need to spend any special time on it any more.  In this photo, I am showing my saddle cart with wheels.

2. I also set up an area for my groundwork tools to be stored close to the riding pen. Again, just to make it easier to grab my tools. I'm actually using some space in my utility shed.  Another idea would be to get a tack box with big wheels and handle so that it's easier to move around.  Here in this photo I am showing a tool box on wheels and a handle.

3. I remembered a checklist that I made for colt starting and for groundwork training that I did for clients back when I was training. I would fill out these checklists and provide them to the client. I dug out a copy and I'm going to use it for myself with my filly to make sure I've covered everything.

4. I also saved these custom banners that I made for myself back when I had my arena with the steps on how to do a particular training phase - beginner, intermediate, advanced. Groundwork and riding. I'm going to dig those out and attached them to my riding pen.

5. I placed 2 small tables near my riding pen to hold my camera, phone and checklists. 

I feel like I will be well organized and ready to get right into training again. For part 2 next month, I'm going to talk about some other tips that do more with actual riding. Link here for part 2.

For one last motiviation, here's a youtube video of Gene Autry singing Back In the Saddle Again. enjoy!

Putting My Spin on Getting Back Into Training Mode


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