Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Buck Stops Here

 Here's one GOOD example why we switch AND STAY with longeing over round penning (once we know how to round pen that is... :). (Leslie had to use round penning in the barn yard the other day cause her horse didn't want to come to her. Soon fixed that :)

For the bucking....
With longeing, when the horse starts to buck, MAKE HIM DO SOMETHING to stop the bucking... ie. correct him. pull hard on the longe line & make him change directions quick. Do something.... so that he knows that bucking is not OK.  Give him shit. Yell. Tell him it's not ok. Change directions each and every time he bucks until he stops bucking; making is harder and harder for him to buck because he's changing directions quickly and so frequently.
We can't do that as easily round penning.  A few times round penning initially is tolerable. It let's us know something could be wrong. 
Now we know, from the repeated times, that he just likes to buck under saddle and that's not ok; AT ALL.  It's ok if he wants to do it in the field with his buddies but not when he's working.  I longed him every Monday and when I thought he needed it and he didn't buck because I changed directions with him and made him do it each and every time he bucked.
'The buck stops here!' 

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