Thursday, September 3, 2020

Keeping A Sharp Mind


 One of the techniques that I learned early on was to give my reining horses other jobs to do besides training and showing in the reining pen.  Many articles talked about avoiding 'drilling' your horse. We all know how burn out can happen to horses and humans alike.

Here is an article from Clinton Anderson of on not over drilling your horse.

September is the month for the last show season for many horse events in Ontario. We have our last reining GRAND FINALE show here in Ontario, September 11-13th at Fletcher's Horseworld.

What are you planning to do with your horse now that fall is here and the horse shows are done for the year? Travel south? Not many options yet due to COVID-1984.

After you've given your horse a break, what's next? A long trail ride. Trying a new event. Watching Netflix?

Bushwhacking and an ATV

I've always been very inventive on new jobs for my horses. I have an older retired reining mare who likes to do new things. I have an interesting story to tell.

My big completed project this year was clearing 4 miles of trails in my 30 acres of bush I have at the back of the property. The bush has never had any work done to it. 

So I hired my neighbour with a chainsaw and an ATV. For almost 3 months, we would go out with 2 chainsaws and an ATV every morning, 4 mornings a week and work for 4 hours.

We cut 4 miles of trails! Most people are shocked to hear that I own a chainsaw - much less use one! Us horse women are tough!

Well one day when we were 1 day away from finishing -it always happens that way doesn't it! The ATV had an electrical problem and it broke down. At the back of the property no less! My hired hand Nyle and I could not move it ourselves and there was no way for us to get any equipment back there to move it. There is no road access back there.

So what did we do?  I got my reining mare and she towed the ATV back to the house! I'm not kidding. I should've gotten a picture of it as you may not want to believe me.

I was so proud of that mare.

Well the ATV is fixed and my neighbour Nyle and I have been able to work a couple more days cutting trails in the bush. For me, this fall, I'm going to enjoy the beautiful fall leave colors along those trails.

I'm also going to start work on colt starting my reining bred long yearling this fall. I'm going to pony her through those trails to get her used to dealing with new surroundings.

I hope you have a lovely fall with whatever your decide to do!

Putting My Spin On New Jobs For Your Horse


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