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The Cosmic Secret

Exploring How Being With Horses Helps Us To Do The Cosmic Secret

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What is The Cosmic Secret?

  Have you heard all the buzz yet about this movie? Have you seen it? It is an online movie released Nov./19 on various platforms like Vimeo (, (on prime video)  and iTunes, etc. Executive producers: Corey Goode and David Wilcock. It is a follow up movie to Above Majestic. It has some big name experts in it like Dr. Micheal Salla, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Ben Chastan, Rob Counts, Laura Eisenhower and a whole cast of experts.

It answers the questions: Who Are We? (our galactic history), Why Are We Here?, and What is Our Destiny? I'm going to demonstrate how our involvement with horses helps us to answer these questions. I know it sounds 'heavy' or 'woo woo' but I assure you it's not.

Who Are We? it relates to horses
 I couldn't do this question proper justice here so I encourage you to watch the movie. It's other worldly for sure. There was an ancient builder race that was responsible for many of the ancient megalithic structures on earth like the pyramids.  There was/is a progenitor race of  elongated skulled people that their skeletons have been found all over the world. There's a lot to it. I encourage you to do the research for yourself as it's a lot to take in.

What I can say is that we are amazing human beings. We are part of the one infinite creator and we, I believe, are spiritual beings having a human experience.
A lot of the planets in our solar system have humanoids, sometimes called star shaped (coined by Emery Smith). Star shape: head, 2 arms and 2 legs. Like Leonardo's Vitruvian Man.

A big part of who we are, what defines us, is our horses. We are horse men and women. We are outdoors people. We are caretakers of one of earth's most amazing animals: the horse.

Why Are We Here? it relates to horses

We have chosen to incarnate here on earth and to have a life experience with horses. What an amazing thing to do! What an experience. I love to give my horses and dogs a big bear hug and just let my nose sink into their fur. To breathe deeply and inhale that wonderful smell that seems to bring me instant joy. We are here to experience joy with our loved ones includings horses. I hope you're smiling now.

What Is Our Destiny? .. as it relates to horses

 This is the big one. We are to evolve and to ascend. We need to be more service to others than service to self. We need to be more kind, forgiving and compassionate.

 I was thinking a lot about this. That's why I decided to write the article. We are here to do a lot of inner work. I believe our life with horses helps us to do that.

We can certainly practise more kindness to people, horses and our other animal loved ones. I believe this helps. I know that we can all think of some horse people who only see horses as an asset for their business - much like the Cabal or Deep State.  That's service to self at the expense of horses. Sad. I've seen or heard of atrocities done to horses that make me sick to my stomach. Enough of that! They are the minority.

We need to practise being more forgiving.  I've had some horse people in the last year or two that were con artists. I got duped. It's embarrassing. It took me quite some time to forgive them. Forgiveness as we know today, is not for the perpetrator but for the victim. I don't identify as a victim but rather the wiser one for the experience. Most people as we know are having a hard time with all the shite happening in the world. Forgiveness helps. So does compassion.

To make the world a better place we need to do some inner work and horses, I believe, help us to do that. Please give your horse a hug for me.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Putting my Spin on Being Kinder to Our Earth and Everything on it!
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