Monday, August 26, 2019

Meditating With Our Horses

I was going to call this article "Unlearned Busyness" but I didn't think readers would get the idea that I meant meditating.  I've always had a problem with not "stopping to smell the roses" and so I'm always looking for ways to learn to meditate better. Learning to appreciate life.  And of course that means hanging out with my horses.

Imagine a nice warm late summer day with the sun shining and the weather being so nice and you're watching horse tv - watching your horses enjoying the day out in their pasture. I'm sure most horse owners know the benefit and have experienced the joys of putting your arms around your horse's neck and taking a deep breath in. Ah, that wonderful smell of horse. It also goes hand in hand with enjoying the last few days of summer.  I think most horse owners do know the fact that meditating with your horse or simplying being with your horse has a therapeutic effect.  I believe that is one of the reasons why we do have horses.

I was reading my paint horse magazine Chrome (Fall 2019) and they had a lovely article titled "Belly Breathing" by Megan Brincks, which talks about meditation practises with your horse. They go into quite a lot of detail about the various practises. I loved the section title called Unlearn Busyness. 

The article quotes Jini Patel Thompson of Langley, BC ( as saying: "Horses spend 40 percent of their time in a breathing and meditative state, so they're already used to this state."

They have section head titles like Hand-Grazing Meditation, Meditation in Motion, Meal Meditation, and Free Practise.  For many years, I've put a bench or chair in a horse's pasture field to just sit, meditate and watch my horses grazing. 
A quick look on amazon for books on meditation with horses lead me to adult coloring books with horses. I suggest you might go to Jini's website for more information.

Whether you get into more specific meditation practises or just zoning out with your horse, I believe it can only benefit us horse owners to reduce the day to day stress of our busy lives.

Putting My Spin on Meditating
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