Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Q is for ...

What is Q?

 No one knows. Is Q a person? A group? He/She/they leave cryptic messages anonymously on a message board for which many youtube groups read and decode. Exciting!

Who is Q?

No one knows. When I first heard of Q on youtube, it was like a secret spy group. I was intrigued. I had to look into it further. 

Being a horse person, I first thought Q is for Quarter Horse.

Where is Q?

Again, No one knows. Q or QAnon is a political movement occurring right now in the world. It started in the United States. As many people know, the USA is currently in their 2nd American Revolution.

Now, before you say "Oh this is politics", I have to mention that I'm not very political. But I am interested in conspiracy theories or analytics. I'm also for freedom and liberty. I believe the horse symbolizes both.

Why is Q?

 The latest analysis by Dr. Jerome Corsi, (American author, political commentator) is that QAnon is American military, probably US Army. No one really knows but the intel is always accurate.

 The Q Movement started when a group of US military people wanted to make known to the world the truth about the global stage and not what you hear on fake news ie. mainstream media.

 I had an interesting discussion with my blacksmith lately about Trump (we were on opposing sides). It certainly is interesting what is being said and not said on the mainstream media. I'll leave it at that. I don't mind talking about it as long as the discussion is civil. I don't like drama.

 It's an exciting time for the world. I'm on the side of freedom, justice, and liberty. I'm a truth seeker and truth warrior. Horses personify that as well. They are always honest and truthful with us. We can always take a lesson from them.

 The Q Movement

  If you're interested in knowing more, I would suggest following people like :
  • Lionel Nation ( Emmy winner, former New York prosecutor, and talk show host)
  • Dr. Jerome Corsi, (2x New York Best Seller List, Washington Correspondent for InfoWars)
  • Alex Jones ( or Infowars, Radio Talk Show host) and
  • Patriot Soapbox youtube channel.
  Just call me ReinersueQ!

  Putting my spin on Truth and Who the Heck is Q?

  @KISS Reiners

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