Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lead Change Series

New Lead Change Series

Well! I'm going to change things a bit here and over the next bunch of articles, I'm going to talk about improving my lead changes. In particular, sharing my own personal historical experiences with learning how to do lead changes in the past and how I teach them to my horses today.

Since I've taken my 2 retired reining mares back out of retirement, getting them fit to show again, and since expectations are different now then when I used to show many years ago, I'm going to share how I've updated their and my reining skills.

Let's Get Started
Clinton Anderson's new western performance horse DVD series on lead changes will be my knowledge base. He shows how to teach lead changes on a few 2 and 3yr olds. I highly recommend the series.

In the next article, I will start with prep work.

Putting my spin on learning.
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