Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bulletproof Cowboy Coffee

There's a new trend in North America to add butter to your coffee. It's called Bulletproof coffee and it's taking over the coffee world. Hello morning coffee!

Your first reaction might be , "Yuck", but it tastes very good! Please hear me out.

According to Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Exec, (the inventor of this coffee) " Bulletproof Coffee is a proven way to higher energy levels, better cognitive performance, and control over food cravings. But Bulletproof Coffee is just the start - we call it the "gateway drug into biohacking". 

Butter or fat in our coffee is bringing back an ancient tradition. Dave got his idea from buttered yak tea.  We've been told fat is bad. We fear fat. But no more! Just last month, the American Heart Association said that they had it all WRONG about fat - especially saturated fat.

I've been using it for a while now and I can vouch for what Dave is saying. I drink it in the morning and I'm not hungry until 1 or 2pm.

Can you imagine how much better we can ride our horses and do horse related activities if we were to down a cup of bulletproof java before heading out to the barn!  Higher energy levels, better cognitive performance and we're not hungry until many hours later. It's worth a try.

If you're not into coffee, it can be made with tea or hot cocoa. You simply add butter and MCT oil to your beverage of choice. And then give it a light blend with a hand blender. It looks like a latte when you're done. Yummy.  And it's good for you! 

Fat is our friend.  Fat and MCT oil is brain food. It's body food. It's good for us. I encourage you to do your own research on the internet about it.

If you're not into dairy, you can make it with coconut cream (full fat coconut milk) and MCT oil. MCT oil is liquid medium chain triglycerides (clear, liquid coconut oil with little taste). I get it at my local grocery store.

I have a link here to a video where Dave is making bulletproof coffee "the cowboy way". At the 1 min. 25sec. mark, Dave calls his bulletproof coffee making on the go, 'the cowboy way' of making coffee. Yes!

My food cravings are gone. My weight is down. Oh, did I mention that it helps with weight loss and intermittent fasting. Bonus! And the coffee is really delicious! Enjoy!

Putting a big, fat spin on my morning coffee!
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