Saturday, March 21, 2015

SOLD. For Sale: Clinton Anderson Saddle - Like New!

Clinton Anderson Saddle by Martin Saddlery
Original Clinton Anderson trail saddle.
Fits 15inch;. Excellent condition. Full quarter horse bars.
Signed by Clinton himself!
I've added Aluminum stirrups. Fancy.
Used 12 times. Weighs approx. 30lbs.
$2200 new. Price $1700.  SOLD.
Will ship.

About Clinton's Saddle: "Clinton’s Aussie Saddle combines the best features of an Aussie stock saddle & an American Western saddle. Designed to enhance both horse’s and rider’s ability while establishing and maintaining proper body position, this saddle gives you the confidence to focus on your training. Perfect for trail riding or as a working/training saddle, Martin saddle trees are precisely assembled with specific angles of alignment to help ensure a secure seat. Carefully-spaced bar pattern provides full, even contact with the horse’s back for even distribution of pressure and optimum spine relief to help prevent soreness. Specially designed to encourage and accommodate lateral flexion and movement of the horse’s five body parts without acute points of pressure, as well as to provide protection during hard stops and turns, this saddle’s smaller, more rounded profile is light and comfortable for your horse. For the rider, a shallow cradle under the thighs allows ease of movement, front knee pads provide extra balance for a more secure seat, and free-swinging fenders help balance weight and keep feet in proper position. Front kneepads designed to help provide a secure seat, especially if the rider becomes unbalanced.The Aussie Saddle runs larger than a traditional western saddle by one inch. If you would regularly ride a 15’’ western saddle, we suggest a 14” Aussie Saddle for the best fit."

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