Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quicky Question? Online Coaching

Only have time for a quick question? 

Don't have time or can't reach me here due to distance?

Want to discuss horse matters in the privacy of your own home?

Susan is now available for private online coaching sessions.  All you need is your computer and access to Skype.  Or whatever video conferencing program you use.

It's like a life coach for horse people! A quick and easy way to get help without having to trailer your horse here.
These quickie half hour sessions, allow you to ask a quick question on something and get an answer right away that can work for you.
Available by phone as well.

Use the Paypal button to book your session. Use Paypal or credit card.


Paypal will notify me by email and I will contact you to book an appointment. Talk to you soon!
Note: It will show up as KISSReiners on paypal.

To book a 1 hour session, click here for more information.

@KISS reiners

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