Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jingle Bells or Bobs

Happy. Happy. This time of the year is always nice to reminisce about happy times.

My favorite spurs. An ole favorite.


 I have a cute story to tell - perfect for the coming winter holiday festivals.

 For the last few years, I've been concentrating on colt starting and doing the basic western foundation training on client's horses. It's rewarding but after 5+ yrs.... well... it was getting boring.

 I would do the same 30-60 day training over and over again on various horses. I did further develop my skill in that area though but it became monotonous.

It's Boring. Boring is always a sign for me that it's time to change things up. Even with horse training. If a horse is bored then it's a sign to move up to more challenging skills. I teach students to pick up on the feeling of boring. It's a sign that they are drilling (doing the same exercise too much) or that they have the skill learned and need to move on.

 Anyway, I decided to work more on the intermediate to advanced work for western horses. Gosh! It feels great!

 Return to More Advanced. You know that feeling. When you are trying something you like and you feel refreshed, excited, motivated, happy. It really lifted my spirits. Time to see how I can improve things in this area again.

 I've done quite well lately buying, retro-fitting and reselling western horses to customers. The horse's manners are topped up (or instilled). I like extremely well behaved horses.  I also refresh the horse's basic western riding skills up to intermediate body control. I wanted to get back to more body control work.

Smile. The cute part of the story is that I got to put my spurs back on permanently and constantly use a curb bit! Yeah!  I got to wear my old favorite spurs. The ones with my name on them. I've had them for over 20yrs.  I wish they had jingle bobs so that I have music while I sing! :)

A customer laughed with me recently when I told her this story. It made me smile to put on a good ole pair of spurs and my favorite curb bit to ride these resales.

It reminded me of this time of the year. The winter holidays where we get together with loved ones, our favorite, loving people and share our good fortune from the current year.

Happy Holidays to You!  As I complete my 7th year of this website, I wish everyone a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and all the other sayings from around the world!

Putting my spin on ole favorites that bring a smile to our faces!
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