Saturday, August 2, 2014

Such Fond Memories

'Time Sure Speeds up When You're Getting Older'. Have you noticed that?

I'm reading a series of Outlander novels by the author Diana Gabaldon where the setting takes place during the 1700's.  It's interesting to read about a time period where they didn't even have indoor plumbing - but they had horses, Bonnie Prince Charlie and real smart women that the men were afraid of.  'La Dame Blanche." Have you read it? I can't put it down!

 Most of us lament ageing or wait a few centuries and write about it. Humm.

 I'm not too concerned. I'm now in my 50's. The only way I can tell that I have some age to me, is that I can share stories from decades ago. It surprises me a bit. I'm getting used to it. Isn't it nice that we can look back and feel a sense of pride on our accomplishments.

There's 4 middle aged ladies in the photo below. :) The mares are 20 and 19 respectively. They will still have years and years of riding left in them - same as me! :)

I was at the ORHA Canadian Reining Classics reining show at Fletcher's Horseworld not too long ago to enjoy my favourite sport and was pleasantly surprised to see some old reiner friends: Mary Dancey Clarke, Dave and Colleen Gagliardi, Don Pletch, Barb and Jake. I can't list them all here. "Nice to see you all"!

It's so nice to have these great memories of us all showing over the years and having a great time at the shows. Aah, reminiscing. One of the joys of ageing.

I'm sure you have great memories too.

Mary remarked how she always loved the social aspect of showing. She misses it. We all had a great time kibitzing.  It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.  Such fond memories are what we take with us into the next life or the old age home. 

Canadian Reining Classic Futurity at Fletcher's Horseworld. Tinseltown's Prize. Jonathan Newmann. Photo taken by me.
Some things should never change. Friends. Good times. Fond memories.  I'm sure you concur as we all nod our heads together in the affirmative like the plastic dog bobbing in the rear view mirror.

Putting my spin on fond memories
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