Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bit For Sale - Special! New Metalab Antique Transition Show Bit

SPECIAL! New Metalab Billey Allen Show Bit - 2 available
Great all around bit. 
Still in packaging.
Pretty for all occasions!

Some Uses and Benefits: 


  • Good for 1 handed work. And quiet 2 handed work. It's an easy bit to adjust too for most riders.
  • Good 1st curb bit for horse and/or rider.
  • The mouthpiece will help with horse to carry the bit nicely and be mild to learn how a curb bit works.  Why not have a bit that helps you help a horse to learn easier!
  • The short shank allows the rider to soften their hands (not needing to pull so hard like in a snaffle - no shanks).

  • Very forgiving bit suitable for a lot of horses.
  • The curb action (with a curb chain) will use leverage and therefore will ask for more attention from the horse while keeping your hands soft.
  • The mouthpiece gives room for the tongue. It will not interfere with horse when there is slack in the reins. Horse is more comfortable. Able to swallow easily.
  • When on contact, there is no nutcracker effect as in a jointed mouthpiece.  Keeps the horse calmer!

Not Suitable for:

  •  Is not forgiving with really rough or quick hands. Anyone not in an extreme sport and/or has no patience would be better in a snaffle until better trained.
  •  Good for beginners who are learning to use reins for communication. Advanced riders will want a port for softer signals.
  •   Horse with a fat tongue or is pushy. There is a far bit of tongue pressure.
  •  Horse who wants rider to stop hanging on the mouth with contact. (ie. leave my mouth alone). The horse will thank you for it.
Some Features:
  • Roller will encourage horse to salivate and relax.
  • Independent side movement of shank. Great for lateral work. Life shoulders. Great for training or corrections.
  • Pretty silver trim on shanks.
  • Swivel shank for more guided lateral movement or direct reining.
  • Mouthpiece gives room for horse's tongue , no nutcracker effect so therefore humane.
  • Mouthpieces are 7/16" thick and is sweet iron. ie. tastes good to the horse.

New or Used:  New
Size: 5 1/8"
Manufacturer: Metalab
Mouthpiece: Billy Allen or Barrel sweet iron
Shank: 7 - 7/8" Antique 7-shank with silver trim and dots
Level: 2 or FTP/lTR (far bit of tongue pressure, little tongue relief)

Price: $30Cdn (HST included) ($53+HST= $60 new)

For more information on bits, Myler Bitting System Philosophy, bitting levels, etc, please see the many articles on this website or contact me for help on the uses of this bit.

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing.

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