Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Tell How Smart your Horse is?

Here is a good example that shows how to easily tell if your horse is smart or not.

Clinton Anderson has a TV series called Outback Adventure where he captures a wild Australian Brumbie and uses his METHOD to gentle and start the horse under saddle.

In the 3rd episode, Clinton is round penning the horse he's named Bundy for the 1st time.

Here is the exerpt:
 "Today on Downunder Horsemanship TV! Continuing Bundy’s training with the roundpen exercises, Clinton is able to touch the stallion for the first time. He continues to work on gaining the brumby’s trust and respect and introduces several new exercises. By the end of the episode, Clinton is able to approach the stallion and halter him. To find your local Downunder Horsemanship carrier and airtimes, visit"

Clinton Anderson's Outback Adventure Series facebook link.

How Can You Tell How Smart Your Horse is?
  • Look at the 35:19 min. mark of that episode. Bundy gives to pressure quickly and easily (really easily!). Clinton remarks how Bundy maybe trainable which he proves to be.
  • At 38 min. mark Bundy yield hind quarters excellently and Clinton says 'championly'.


The whole series is quite entertaining.

Putting my spin on horse sense.
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