Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Positive Psychology

Is that song playing in your head right now?  Here is a link to the youtube video for the song by Bobbie McFerrin with Robin Williams.  The lyrics to the song are included below.
Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

 Positive psychology is one of the newest branches of psychology to come about by Dr. Martin Seligman. The science of making people happy and to flourish. I wonder if it involves horses... or do we horse people have a secret?

 While many other branches of psychology tend to focus on dysfunction and abnormal behavior, positive psychology is centered on helping people become happier.
Martin Seligman's website is called Authentic Happiness. Now I like that! Finally, science and people dedicated to making people's lives better. Yeah!

I recommend checking out youtube where there are many videos on the subject.

I really don't have to mention to horse people what makes us happy.... horses, of course.  There's nothing like hanging out with your  horse.

If there are other areas in your life that need a boost of happiness, I encourage you to check out Dr. Martin's website where they have questionnaires and information to help bring more happiness into your non-horsey areas of your life.

Take care. Don't worry.... be happy!
Putting my spin on happiness by horse!
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