Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reining vs. Dressage vs. Western Dressage

 I've been working on my Western Dressage presentation for January and I've been learning many, many things about dressage, classical dressage priniciples and training. After all, dressage is a french word for training.
I've been discussing many ideas about differences and similiarities with dressage principles and the western style of riding.  This is where Western Dressage (WD) is forming.

I've seen youtube videos on Western Dressage and while fascinating, it puzzles me. Here is a video here of a Western Dressage class at the Morgan Grand Nationals.   Notice the similarity to english dressage tests and requirements.

I also commented recently on a video that showed a dressage horse and a reining horse.  Youtube video here.    Rod Miller of IPHDA had this to say about the video and my comments about it.

Rod wrote: "Susan that is dressage verse reining, and there is very little similarity in the 2 except they both use patterns in competitions. a very good example of that was when they switch horses, first thing the dressage rider does is ask the horse to stay straight while spinning and it does not work. eventually he lets the horse bend and stay a little flatter and the spin is better, same with the Reiner riding the dressage horse he tries to get the horse to bend t do the Pirouette and the horse swings its butt and can not perform really well,
The principles of dressage and reining training are different I know many want to make them this sister type of event but they are both cool in their own right but not very similar at all. JMO"

That is the understanding I am getting as well.  I thought Western Dressage was the extensive foundation work that we put on a western performance horse in order for them to do well in western events. Like the vaquers when they made a 'bridle' horse. But that is not the case.  What do you think?
Here is a link to the rules and the tests:

Putting my spin on Western Dressage
@KISS Reiners

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