Saturday, August 27, 2011


I call myself a 'learnaholic'. I took that term from Clinton Anderson.

Speaking of Clinton Anderson...  Recently, I joined his No Worries Club searching for more education on his horsemanship program called THE METHOD.  I'm always learning.

GOSH!  Time sure flys by doesn't it.  I didn't realize how much new stuff Clinton has out there. I have some 'ketching up' to do...

What I really like is the fact that he now has more videos on reining training! Great. Now I will add to my program with some of his reining training techniques. He is certainly up to date on the latest trends. I've also joined Shawn Flarida's eTraining video series as well. Stay tuned for more articles on the newest training styles and techniques!!

What is also great is that Clinton now trains and shows reined cow horses. Doubly great! I've started into reined cow horses myself a couple of years ago. I just had a mechanical cow installed in my indoor arena.  I've been going to team penning practises for years now to learn how to read a cow.

So stay tuned for some exciting new information as I share this with you!

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