Thursday, July 14, 2011


IPHDA - International Performance Horse Development Association

I had a chat with Rod Miller, president of IPHDA yesterday to find out his take on Western Dressage and the associations promoting it. Rod is a long time NRHA judge. I've known Rod for years. He's originally from Ontario.

Rod names his body control training: performance horse development. Rod's performance horse development has been developed for both the english and western disciplines.

By talking to Rod, I found out that his ideas are generally the same as mine. I joined his association and have become a professional in his association.

As I get more familiar with his association, I will be looking to get more involved in it and see how it can promote body control, foundation training and western performance horse and rider development.

Here is an article from Rod's blog on western dressage and how it can help western performance.  This is NOT western dressage as per WDAA, WSDAC.

Putting my spin on body control and western performance horse development.
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  1. so nice blog...thanks for sharing..i do u have any more blog like this???

  2. Thanks inAmerica. This website is my only blog site. For more informationn on iphda, see their website