Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't Say I Told You So

I'm sure somewhere back in your young life, you had occasion to say to someone: "I told you so!"   Remember back in school when someone childishly called you wrong only to be able to prove yourself right and then say: "I told you so!" Didn't it feel good to stick up for yourself when you knew you were right after all.

Gosh! The good ole days!  Now in adult life...

How many times have you told your kids or friends or family about something they are doing is wrong because you've been there yourself and want to let them know. Cause you care.

You might have explained to this person the particulars and they choose to ignore you or simply not agree.  That's OK too. We're adults after all - entitled to our own opinion.
This other person may even think you're nuts and you are the one wrong not them.  Let's exclude the know-it-alls, shall we, for this article. Let's not go there.

What I'm talking about is the version of the I've-Told-You-So scenario that's not like you remember it.

Yesterday I found out that I could now go and tell someone 'I told you so'  but that was the furthest from my mind. What I had found out from a third party was that this individual had tried to persist with a horse that I believed was bad minded but they wanted to persist. I believe this person thought that I was wrong when it came to this particular horse's temperament.

What I was told was that this rider had a wreck with this horse, damaging their shoulder and now requiring surgery to pin the shoulder back together again. So you can see why saying I told you so was not in the picture.
I really feel for this person. Ouch. To have to pin your shoulder back together again. I can't imagine.

In adult life, I hope that someone will take my advice under advisement when asked for , in hopes that I could help to prevent something like this. I'm not always right and if I'm proved wrong, well then, ok. It happens.

Please be safe out there and listen to the horse. There is the occasional bad one out there.

Putting my spin on safety - 1 recommendation at a time.
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