Friday, May 20, 2011

Investing in Your Education

... and your safety.

I recently received an email inquiry from an adult rider. I read it and promptly responded.

''You're interested in taking reining lessons''., I wrote back
Someone wanted to try the sport of reining and was interested in taking lessons.

''Great!'',  I continued with my email response.

This person has been doing other various western events (I also get people interested from english events as well) and wanted to try reining.  I have one of my good reining mares here that I use for reining lessons until someone gets their own reining horse.

I love to support people who want to further their education and skills!  I'm what you call a 'learnaholic'.  I love learning.  I guess that's why I love to teach.

Bantering back and forth with emails to get the specifics worked out, I mentioned among other things like proper riding gear for safety and...

''You will need liability insurance, sign a waiver and a riding helmet.'',  I finished the email.

Troxel Cheyanne
'I don't have a helmet... haha', They joking replied back.
They mentioned that they haven't had time to go and get one.

'I also haven't figured out the insurance thing yet..', they added.

I replied that a lot of stores have helmets for around $50 and that an OEF membership is $60, giving them my usual suggestions.

I've not heard from this person since that last email. I hope they are busy. I'm hoping it's not because of the cost for insurance and the helmet.  Or that they've opted for another place that doesn't require helmets for adults.

I think it's a small price to invest in your education, your lessons and your safety!

Putting my spin on education - 1 helmet at a time!
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