Monday, April 25, 2011

Turning My Students into Squares

Mike & Nicole working on their 'squares' while Ted is working his butt off!

I was talking to Wendy who was at the clinic this past weekend and she exclaimed how she was working on her "squares".  It's an exercise I give my students to work on their steering.  We both laughed about the squares name and hence the title of this article.

You can see Mike & Nicole working on their 'squares' while Ted, my ring crew, is working his butt off! Thanks Ted!

Putting my spin on squares!
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  1. Love the picture. Poor Ted is showing his best feature. He is a hard working man. We had a wonderful time. I'm doing my homework - squares and collection. Adele has noticed a big difference in the way she travels. We can do squares really well at the walk and trot but the lope has some work to do. Mini-steps. Getting her off my left leg at the lope is also a mini-step. What a leaner. Will see you again soon.

  2. Hay. Ted laughed when he saw this! Glad to hear that honey is travelling better.
    If you do the yield hindquarters exercies here then she will get off your left leg better. Here's the link: or just search for yield hindqtrs.
    See you soon!