Thursday, March 3, 2011

Classroom Clinic: Bit Evaluations for You & Your Horse - Apr. 9/2011

Please join me for the Spring Classroom Clinic series of 2011.
For more info on Classroom Clinics, see here.
Come for a couple of hours, enjoy yourself and learn something new!

Bring your bit and after the presentation, I will do a personal evaluation of you& your bit, explain why you are having the issues you are having and give some recommendations on a better bit to use or changes to your current bit.
Bookings will also be taken for a full evaluation, where you can bring your horse and I will give a full evalution on what bit to use. 

When: Saturday April 9th-
What: Bits: What Bit Do You Need For Your Horse - Bit Evaluations 

The full presentation with demos and hands on! Very interactive.
Please come with your questions & your bits.
All disciplines - after all, a horse is a horse and a bit is a bit!

Time: 1-2pm, bit evaluations to follow
Cost: $20 for presentation only & $40 for presentation + mini evaluation.
Refreshments served. 

I will also have some tack items available especially bits that will be available for purchase. These items are personally endorced and used by me.  I will have a few Myler bits and others such as Metalab, Robart Pinchless & Bitmaster by Bighorn for anyone interested.
Please check back for more details.
Putting my spin on education. 1 bit at a time!
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