Sunday, December 5, 2010

Western Dressage by Al Dunning

I got a copy of the DVD by Al Dunning and Lynn Palm called Western Dressage in Dec.2010. 
The caption on the cover says: "Dressage - the french word meaning training. It is the foundation for all disciplines of riding."

The main topics are Balance, Alignment, Alignment Exercises, Communication and Advanced Maneuvers.

 Al explains about the DVD:"In it, Lynn and I ride a series of dressage-based exercises designed to give you a better-broke horse.”  An exercise like a leg yield to get a better lope departure. Lateral exercises to improve balance. Just like I do in reining.  This is what I would call western dressage.  This is western performance horse development.

Al explains that 'Western Dressage, which is training for all disciplines'. Lynn says that the word Dressage is a french word meaning training. 'But training the horse according to his anatomy, his instincts, and how we naturally communicate with a horse... Good common sense basics about horsemanship and riding'. That sounds like horsemanship to me.

Al sums up saying that 'it's really all about better communication between you and your horse.' Lynn importantly includes that it's also about balance. The balance between the rider and the horse.

Lynn concludes by saying 'you put that whole combination together, there you've got your horse and rider working together as a partner and in harmony as a team. There is no better riding than that.'

 The HorseandRider article on the DVD quotes Al as saying: "In other words, it's just good horsemanship. I've always thought of how I ride my horses as cowboy dressage. Dressage incorporates a lot of bending and lateral work to supple and relax the horse, plus develop his responsiveness. And let's face it: Regardless of the breed we're riding or the gear we're using, a supple, relaxed, responsive horse is what we're all after."

I like how Al is explaining western dressage. I would call this more western performance dressage rather to differentiate it from the western dressage as per WDAA.  The basics are the same.... it's just how you apply it.

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