Sunday, October 31, 2010

Upcoming Clinics

Just wanted to announce that I will be starting my series of clinics next year here at the training centre. I will offer a wide range of clinics from 1-on-1 clinics to a group - 1 day to several days; whatever you need. And on a wide range of topics.

One of the clinics will be a talk and demo on BITS. I just finished a short lecture on bits Oct. 28th and got a request to do a talk in more detail from several of the people there. 20-30mins. is just not enough. My lecture is usually 1 hr. and here, I will do a clinic for 3 hrs.

This clinic will be hands on! All my clinics will be hands on!
The arena will be setup shortly to do lectures. Sound system, seating, place for refreshments, computers, etc.. Plenty of white board to write on! lol
Stay tuned. Please check here for dates.
Anyone wanting a mini clinic or a one-on-one about any problem on bits or anything else, please contact me.
Putting my spin on clinics to help you!
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